Installation depends on what type of security camera system it is. Lorex offers three different types of systems – Digital IP, Analog MPX, and Wireless. Digital IP security systems use a single Cat5e Ethernet cable to connect the NVR (Network Video Recorder) and security camera up to 300ft. This cable provides video transmission and power to the camera thanks to Power-over-Ethernet technology. MPX systems, on the other hand, use RG59 Siamese BNC cables. This type of cable splits into two ends, one for video and one for power. To connect this cable, you will have to connect one end of the cable to the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) and the other to the included power adapter (which can be plugged in beside the DVR). You can then run the single Siamese cable to the MPX security camera. Wireless cameras also use a DVR. They are installed by attaching the wireless transmitter to the BNC ports on the back of the DVR.